New Release: Almighty Support 1.0.2


Multiple improvements to link handling. General usability impovements.

What’s new?

In this release, we focused a lot on how links work everywhere in Almighty Support. First of all, we ensured that every link can be right-clicked or middle-clicked to be opened in a new tab. This is especially important to agents who like to open things in a new tab without losing their current view. Additionally, we force all links in the ticket body to open in a new tab.

Further improvements to automation logic were implemented too. Tickets now retain the “new” status if a client replies and the ticket has no agent replies. We also made sure that auto-close automation is applied to tickets where the “answered” status was set manually, regardless of who replied last.

In the Easy Digital Downloads integration, we separated licenses from purchases, as it provides a cleaner and more intuitive experience.

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