New Release: Almighty Support 1.0.4


Brand new rich text handling, improved email piping, and link detection.

What’s new?

Rich text (HTML) handling

In preparation for agent signatures and rich text editor, we improved the way Almighty Support parses message text. This applies to both the messages added via the editor and imported via Email Piping.

Almighty Support will now accept the most basic HTML tags like paragraphs, bold, italics, lists, and links. This improves the way replies imported via Email Piping look and will enable rich text editor & signatures in the near future.

Other improvements

We added a “jump to bottom” button which will improve user experience when dealing with tickets with a lot of replies. The button will load all replies and automatically scroll to the bottom of the view.

The “last update” metric now refers to the last time someone replied to the ticket, not when any change was made (assignee, department, status). This allows the staff to quickly gauge which tickets need a more speedy reply, without the timestamp being “falsified” by non-reply actions.

A reported issue with custom WP roles not being able to access tickets was fixed. We also made sure copy-pasting from sources like MS Word or Apple Pages does not result in “weird” whitespace characters.

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