New Release: Almighty Support 1.0.5


Introducing agent signatures, attachment information in email notifications, and many usability improvements.

What’s new?

Agent signatures

Signatures are now available in Almighty Support! Administrators can enable them and configure the default signature for each role. Additionally, custom signatures for each role can be enabled.

Almighty Support will automatically inject the signature into the reply field. If the user is allowed to have a custom signature and created one, it will be used. Otherwise, a default for their role is used.

The signatures support basic HTML such as lists, links, bold, and italics.

Live browser tab title

The browser tab title now reflects the view shown. When viewing a list of tickets, the name of the list and ticket count are shown. When viewing a specific ticket, the ticket number and title are used. This vastly improves user experience when working with multiple tabs.

Improved sorting

Sorting tickets by status now works the way it intuitively should. Instead of sorting the statuses alphabetically, a natural progression is used: new, pending, answered, closed… This sort is automatically applied to the All Open tab, so tickets there are naturally grouped by status.

Other improvements

The same sorting method was used in the sidebar showing recent client tickets. We also added shortcuts to client tickets in this sidebar.

All important relative dates (ones showing as “X time ago”) now have a pop-up with the full absolute date (showing a full date like “September 21, 2023”).

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