The Big Day is here


As of right now, Almighty Support is powering the entire support system.

We had started serious planning, development and testing of Almighty Support in March 2023. It took us months to get to the point where we can finally say: Ok! It’s ready. If there is one thing nobody can deny, it’s that we do stand behind our own software. We just got Almighty Support installed, configured and activated on It’s not available to the public just yet, but it will be in the next 2 weeks or so. It all depends on how it performs in real practice.

It should go without saying, Almighty Support is of course powering support for us here on

We’re taking this opportunity to live-final-test and evaluate months of work it took to get to this point. Our Support Agents who are working with the new system are also tasked with finding problems, missing features or improvements to the system so we can not only address the most crucial issues before releasing Almighty Support to the public, but also build a well-organized and well-prioritized task list for the near future of the product.

Once we release our support system to the public, PeepSo is ready to release the Almighty Support – PeepSo Integration on the same day. Your community users will be able to handle all of their support needs within their profiles, including live on-site notifications for ticket replies.

The early bird gets the worm

Should you choose to, feel free to pre-order Almighty Support for youself and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

Please do follow us on social media: Twitter / X and Facebook. Soon we’ll also introduce a mailing list you’ll be able to subscribe to.

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