Newest and mosts advanced

Newest & Most Advanced
Customer Service Solution
for WordPress

Almighty Support is a highly intuitive & easy to use solution for your leads, clients, partners and everyone else you need to be in contact with.

So simple, yet so powerful.

We strive to provide the highest level of support to thousands of our clients every day, just like many other upstanding companies and websites around the world. But we’ve all been crippled by the staggering lack of appropriate support tools on the WordPress market. This is why we decided to take matters into our own hands – and create Almighty Support.

The Power of Focus

Don’t Make Your Customers Wait Anymore

Almighty Support will dazzle you with its functionality, granting you tools to speed up the support process many times over, while enforcing the quality of your service.


Your representatives (support agents) respond to tickets on the frontend, which eliminates the back-and-forth time-wasting actions.

Easy Interface

All the tools required by your agents to do their work are easily accessed on the frontend. Clients can access all their tickets on the frontend as easily as viewing their private messages.

E-Mail Notifications

Clients receive clear and fast notifications on handling of their tickets, both via email and on-site. Communication can flow both on-site and via email. No confusion, nothing gets lost.


The Only Support You Will
Ever Need

Have you noticed how your support dynamic can get convoluted?

Email clutter, constantly disturbed work order, failing organization… and consequently, unhappy customers who are more inclined to unsubscribe, or worse – ask for a refund.

No more!

With Almighty Support, you get:

  • The easiest possible access to the support system
  • Clear assignments for your representatives
  • No confusion for clients
  • Improved speed & efficiency
  • Clean, orderly emails
  • Client satisfaction & loyalty
  • …and so much more!

Mobile Experience

Almighty Support On Mobile

Practicality is the greatest asset of Almighty Support, and of course – it is also great for mobile!

All the bells & whistles of Almighty Support platform can be easily accessed on mobile, both by your agents and your clients.

Give and receive quick and wholesome support on the move, anytime.


All Users Love
Almighty Support

Our Peeps are already thoroughly enjoying the Almighty Support platform – first featured on as an integral part of PeepSo’s support system. Immediate proof of concept!

“I am beyond impressed with the Almighty Support ticketing support system! It’s like they read my mind – lightning-fast responses and an incredibly user-friendly interface. Kudos to the team behind this outstanding service!”

Emily Davidson

“Hats off to the developers of Almighty Support. The way it organizes and tracks tickets is revolutionary. Thanks to their efficient system, my clients’ problems and questions get resolved with a smile on my face. My agents love it too.”

Jessica Thompson

“I’ve never felt compelled to leave a review, but this support system deserves all the praise. A system where my team and myself can finally do some proper work!”

Sophia Lee

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