Brand and Logo Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to deliver on-brand designs and keep the integrity of our brand.

Our mission

It’s rather simple, really: we will always strive to empower people. We wish to provide you with the right tools so you can build and participate in the social networking experience, just the way you always envisioned it.

Download all Almighty Support brand assets

When in doubt about your use of any Almighty Support brand elements,
please contact us at for clarification.


The full Almighty Support logo is our official one and is used in all of our and our partners’ consumer-facing marketing materials. Download links include logos in .PNG and .SVG formats.


For light backgrounds.


For dark backgrounds.


Download links include icon in .PNG and .SVG formats.

Logo best practices

The consistent application of the Almighty Support logo is essential for building and maintaining brand recognition.

Don’t change the shape or the layout.

Don’t make color modifications.

Don’t distort, skew, or rotate the logo.

Recreate the brandmark with another typeface.

Don’t use color logo versions with low-contrast backgrounds.

Don’t decrease the legibility of the logo.

Optimal clear space around the logo.

High-contrast background colors.

High-contrast background colors.


Our primary palette is at the core of our brand identity and should be used for any static or one-off, brand-focused executions (such as business systems, app icons, press materials).

Main Almighty Support brand color

C86 M71 Y0 K0
R36 G73 B255

Secondary color

C0 M20 Y0 K20
R204 G153 B204

Tertiary colors 1

C0 M40 Y80 K0
R255 G153 B51

Tertiary colors 2

C16 M0 Y34 K33
R129 G171 B85


C19 M16 Y0 K79
R6 G14 B54


Serenity Bold

Typography of the logo.