New Release: Almighty Support 1.3.3

Better Trash process. General interface & usability improvements.

What’s new?

Trashing & Trashed Tickets

We have added a “trash” button next to the status selector, so unwanted Tickets can be deleted more easily. The Trashed tab now has an “empty trash” button, that deletes all trashed Tickets immediately.

There is a new Cron job, which deletes trashed items automatically after a number of days have passed since they landed in the Trash. The default is 30 days, but it can be customized.

Interface & Usability

The native browser pop-ups have been replaced with a more aesthetic custom pop-up. Clicking anywhere outside that pop-up is automatically considered a “cancel” button click.

The log-in screen now has a link to the “forgot password” interface.

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